Twinning Charter

The original text of the Twinning Charter




 THIS DOCUMENT is to record that on this Day at the Town Hall of Rambouillet, Seine- et- Oise, France, the respective Mayors of the towns of' Rambouillet and  the County Borough of' Great Yarmouth, England, by affixing their signatures hereto have concurred  in the proposal that their two towns shall co-operate under the auspices of' the Bilingual World movement with the intention of furthering and developing linguistic, cultural, touristic,  economic and social exchanges between the inhabitants of their two towns.

  AND IT IS HEREBY hoped that the union between the two towns will lead to a true understanding of each others problems, to a practical knowledge of the spoken language of' each other and to a mutual tolerance and respect of every person thus leading to a complete understanding between peoples of different nations to promote and maintain the peace of the world.

  IN WITNESS   thereof we, the Mayors of' Great Yarmouth and Rambouillet have hereto appended our signatures and the seals of these our towns this 28th day of October, one thousand nine hundred and fifty six..

 (Signed)      Laura Madelaine Gilham.

Jacqueline Thome Patenotre.


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