French Classes

NEW: French Classes and a ‘trial period’ special offer!

The Great Yarmouth Twinning Association is pleased to offer professional French tuition to its members. At the outset, we’re offering a short course of six sessions, as a trial period for both the association and the participants. After the six week course has finished, a review will be undertaken and a plan for the future development of this project will be made. 

Classes will run online once a week, using the Zoom video conferencing application, and will be led by a professional teacher of French. Each class will usually have a maximum of 4 participants, so places are limited. If we have more registrations than spaces, we will consider running extra sessions. 

These classes use the coursebook ‘Façon de Parler’, and the accompanying activity books.  A copy of the coursebook will be loaned to you, free of charge. Participants would usually be expected to purchase their own copy of the activity book so that they can write in it, but for this introductory period, the association will provide activity books free of charge to those who register for the trial sessions (the RRP is £16.99).

Details of the classes are below. If you’d like some advice about which class would be best for you, please do get in touch. 

Beginners Class:

This class is ideal for those who know only a few words of French, or no French at all, and would like to start from the beginning. 

When:Wednesdays at 1pm - 6 sessions, starting on 09/06/21

Duration: 1 hour

Where: via Zoom


Intermediate Class:

This class is best for those who perhaps used to be able to speak and read French quite well (perhaps to GCSE standard or the equivalent), but who would now consider themselves to be out of practice, or those who have been studying French for some time and have acquired some fluency.  

When:Wednesdays at 2:15pm - 6 sessions, starting on 09/06/21

Duration: 1 hour

Where: via Zoom


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